Ch-ch-ch-changes.  It’s not just a Bowie tune.

You may have noticed that we’re no longer III Magazine.  That publication taught us a lot about operating a magazine, and we’re grateful for all the effort that went into it, and the friends we made along the way.

III Magazine preached to the choir.  Most everyone who read it had already been introduced and initiated into the III community.  We weren’t satisfied with the groups of people who we never reached, and we would have never reached our personal goals in our work at III Magazine.  Enter Forward Observer.

Forward Observer will do a fair amount of preaching, but our aim is to observe and report on the threats to Patriots and the future of Liberty.  This is a life and death matter for our Founders’ vision, and Forward Observer is trained on averting the death of Liberty.  To do that, we must convert potential FreeFor members in the conservative and libertarian communities at-large.

Our magazine is still for you – the Patriot, Liberty, and III% faithful.  We’ll still keep much of the same content, but our focus is on recruiting new members to our ‘club’.

You’ll notice that some other thing have changed.  We no longer have a monthly digital magazine, but we will have a larger, longer quarterly digital and print issue.  We’ve also added a content-rich website where we’ll be delivering new content all month long.  The end result is that much more information will be published than was previously available in the digital magazine.  This is going to allow us to focus a lot more energy on creating the very best possible quarterly print and digital issue that we can muster.

Another thing that you’ll notice is that in place of the monthly digital magazine, we’re introducing Forward Observer Dispatch.  Previously, our digital magazine subscribers received essentially the same product that non-subscribers did, although in a different format.  We are still immensely appreciative of subscribers, so to show it, we’re going to give you access Forward Observer Dispatch, which will be above and beyond what you were previously receiving.

The remainder of your III Magazine subscription will be converted to the digital Forward Observer Dispatch subscription at no additional cost.  If you have any questions, please email me directly at

In Liberty,

Samuel Culper,

Editor-in-Chief, Forward Observer